Fines de Claire Marenne Oleron

Delivered twice a week straight from French Brittany

Juicy, Tasty, Omega 3, vitamins boosted !

The Oyster Fine de Claire Marennes Oleron.

The fine de claire is for those who prefer a less fleshy oyster. These oysters are finished for several weeks in shallow clay ponds
where they acquire a superior quality shell to oysters grown in the open sea.It is during this process that the claires of the

Marennes Oléron basin impart the subtleties of regional flavours. This oyster is particularly apprecietated by the consumer
who prefers an oyster rich in water and balanced in flavour.

Method of production
Finished in claires for a minimum of 28 days (between November and March), maximum density 3 kg per square metre

Uniform shape | Less fleshy, translucent mantle  | Green or blue gills | Agreable marine odour Finished taste,
particular to claires | Taste with a good salt balance  | Soft consistency Short duration on the palate
Lovers of less fleshy, more juicy oysters with a refined taste

Fines de Claires No 4 ( small size )

BFrom 280 /3 pcs
  • 6 pcs | 430 Baht

  • 12 pcs | 800 Baht

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Fines de Claires No 2 ( big size )

BFrom 320 /3 pcs
  • 6 pcs | 590 Baht

  • 12 pcs | 1100 Baht

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Specials Haute Mer No 2

BFrom 340 /3 pcs
  • 6 pcs | 620 Baht

  • 12 pcs | 1200 Baht

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