The Original Pressed Duck Recipe from France !


 The dish begins with a large breed of duck historically found in
northwest France and linked to the city of Rouen, France.
Meat is prepared by first scoring the bird’s flesh and lightly seasoning it.
It’s then roasted 
rare to medium-rare. Tableside preparation is traditional.

Watching the dish being assembled is quite a show. After the bird has been carved in the
dining room and set aside to rest, its juices (including all remaining blood) are captured and
kept warm. Its organs, the heart and liver, are pureed then forced through a sieve, and reserved.

A sauce is prepared using butter, a variety of brandy known as Armagnac, duck stock or
demi-glace, the pureed liver and heart, and all the juices and captured blood. The ingredients are gradually combined
and heated to preserve a velvety  texture. Additional Armagnac is added, and the sauce is

That silken sauce is poured around the rosy slices of breast meat,or magret.


1400 Baht ++ for 2 persons

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